Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Windows done!

I washed all the windows Monday. Well, the outsides of them.
I used to use Squeegee Off concentrate - but decided to try something new since I have just a little of that left.  And if what I tried didn't work great I could reDo them with it.

Lemme tell you the Pinterest one worked awesome!  Freaking amazing awesome!

2 gallons hot water
2.5 tbsp Finish Jet Dry (I had Walmart brand)
2tbsp dawn ultra dish soap

Spray the windows to wet them, scrub this stuff on with a sponge or washer tool - I used the car washing brush on a hose stick we have - large head &  gentle bristles sturdy pole thing.
Spray off the mixture. The water sheets off awesome!  Then drys nicely - no water spots!

I'll still use vinegar and old prefold diapers for the insides but already they are much brighter!  I will use this recipie again for sure!

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  1. We will have to try this -- ours need cleaning something fierce!