Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Being careful with cash - Coupons!

i love a good coupon!  Yesterday I was at BJs and I had a 2.75 coupon for Clorox toilet cleaner.  Normally I but this stuff at Walmart or dollar tree and never Clorox brand since its $$y.
Well a '6pack' of the 24oz bottles was only 9.29 so still cheaper than Walmart/target....then the coupon I got them fir $1.09 ea!!  Score!!!

My other nice find is a big bag of fresh cauliflower florets for 3.99!  This bag weighs more than the head I bought last time at big y on sale for 4.99 - I have no idea why it's so expensive.

A friend of mine in town shared a great deal she got a dollar general lately.  She was able to stack a mfg coupon on top of a DG online/app coupon for Tide and paid less than $2!  I will be looking through my coupons and matching up what I can stack together for deals like that - there is a dollar general near the kids' school so I will be there when it works to my advantage you can bet!

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