Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bread, habitat & price rite

This morning found me up earlier than I wanted and feeling iffy too.  But I had a volunteer meeting at 9 so I showered gulped a cuppa coffee and for out if the house.  

Meeting was quick and I grabbed an iced coffee and bagel twist as my fuel gor the rest of my errands

First stop was habitat restore - needed to take a poke around to make sure I wasn't missing anything stellar - nope not a thing....although there was a lovely old secretary but it's the space stayed at the store!  I did see they had a ton of spices in glass jars (like the ones in racks) $.25 each!  If I knew for sure I needed the jars or could repurpose them somehow I should have grabbed some - age on the spices is was unknown but they would have composted fine I'm sure.   They also had reuseable k-cup pods.  2/$.50.  I did buy one set of those.  Tried it when I hit home with some maxwell house and it worked better and cleaned up faster than the milita ones and there was no little filter to deal with.  These could be a $$ saver for me.  Although I really like my big y dark roast pods - these could help stretch them out.

Bread store was next.....picked up rolls and buns and dome Thomas' english muffins.  Why anyone would buy these at the grocery is beyond me - I paid 1.49 for them and the freeze great!  Also bought some dried minced onion and dried minced garlic.  $1 each but the garlic is tough to find for me.

Then to price rite: which was a flipping zoo!  Holiday weekend and early in the month.  Yikes it was busy.  But seedless watermelon was 3,99 each and I needed a few staples like white sugar, corn starch, chocolate chips (none to be found). Picked up some pasta salad fixings and got out of there!  Now home lunched and thinking a nap is in order....


  1. They were out of chocolate chips?!?! That's weird. no? If you don't mind me asking, where is the bread outlet store?

  2. Friehoffer in Rocky hill. There us also a pepperidge farm outlet in westbrook outlets - the Tanger outlets