Thursday, July 21, 2016

Comcast sucks

what a bunch of crap.  I'm so irritated with Comcast and their service. Well lack of service.  We have no option of service in my area...
I wanted to watch something on HBO which I just ordered earlier this week to watch.  But I keep getting an unable to process request message. I called and was told sorry but no credit because there are other items to watch.

I really dislike the "choice" we have if we want cable, Internet and in my case phone since I bundle....


  1. I hear you on that front! When our cable changed from AT&T to Frontier, it was AWFUL! Nothing worked and our internet was constantly down! In researching options, I found my only option in my area was Cox Communications. So far, it's been a (fairly) smooth ride. But, I only bundled the internet and cable. I still have a house phone (never was able to let go) but left that with Frontier because if the power/cable go out, so would my phone with Cox.
    Unbelievable that they wouldn't give you the credit though!!!

  2. I agree, Comcast is the worst. We also have only the choice of Comcast and Direct TV and we would still have to use Comcast for internet. The bill goes up for no reason every few months, I call and they tell me if you take that away it will cost more because it's bundled. What a load of crap. I'm sick of them and I have done what they wanted....given up.