Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Holy Hotness Batman!

I am so thankful for AC!  Even if the central unit croaked - I know how to install our backup window unit in my bedroom so if I had to I would literally move in there with the pets (in their smaller cages) but we would be cool and more comfortable.

After a couple advils and cups of coffee I started another item on my list....mud room shelves!  
They aren't too awful - but it's July so I guess I should do the mitten/glove/hat sort and purge.  I've also made a trip to the vet for planned visit and  organized all the hotel size toiletries into a plastic 3drawer paper organizer a goodwill find at 2.99 {near habitat restore}, (9.99 at my local goodwill and 8.97 at Walmart). They were in a tote bag in my bathroom on the door a it was way to unorganized for me.

I love getting a bargain that helps us stay organized!

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  1. In my opinion, a backup window unit is a must!