Saturday, July 16, 2016

I'm back - hopefully in a better mood soon

Been so swamped busy - both physically and in my head....I couldn't post one positive thing last week I was in such a funk.

Everyone came home last weekend, it was great to have the house nice and clean to welcome them home.    They didn't care.  After a week it looks like a tornado went through.  The teens and hubby have stuff strewn all over the place in the common areas.  My clean kitchen is a thing of the past, dishes filling the sink, papers/mail all over the counters....piles everywhere.

I volunteered helping at a camp all week and returned home hot and tired from watching and working with little kids all day.  So to have to clean up after 3 capable people really sticks in my craw.

They all leave tomorrow for another week away.  I'm staying home and cleaning again.  Sadly most of the areas I had already deep cleaned, but the kid bedrooms are next and they are in for a rude surprise when they return home.

Hubs and I have been arguing about division of labor and how to deal with some other issues lately, so much so that I have started looking into brushing off my resume in earnest  - I am getting myself ready for life changes.  The first will be getting a job.  Subbing is great for flexibility but I need consistency.


  1. Welcome back. Sorry that they have not been helpful.

  2. Go on strike. I am serious. They will see how much you do.