Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mend, make do or do with out

Feeling super proud of myself today....
Last night I mended a table cloth that we've had a while.  It's cotton jacquard type material.  I don't recall where it came from but it's been thru the washer more times than I can count, once it went in the whites load and the lovely deep green hues turned a shade of avocado - but it faded evenly so it lcontinues to be in the rotation.  (We go thru 2 a week minimum).

At some point I think someone (young child) wanted to test some scissors on the hem and whacked. Bit off.  I zigzagged that spot in haste and had to always remember  to put that spot on the spot where the empty chair is.  Well, since I had the house to myself and the table was clear....I took my trusty scissors and took it from the drying rack and whacked off the offending bit the full length of the  affected side. , turned, pinned and ran it thru the sewing machine!

Next on my list is to make some queen size pillow cases from an old full size top sheet.  We don't have full size beds and one kiddo has a tempur molded foam pillow.  We only have 2 queen size cases so I'm constantly either double casing it with regular ones.  I want this kiddo changing the case every other day at least because of some acne issues that are developing so recycled cases will work well to add to this stash for this bed. And they won't cost me a dime!

The quest for. Sewing table continues.  I e been eyeing a cabinet at goodwill - but I have portables and they're is no way to mount either in it - especially if I want to close the top of it.  So I've moved on to plan b. Find a rectangular table and create my own.  Trouble is I want it to be sturdy, cheap and look decent.  Which takes me back to the goodwill one.  My friend's husband said he could attach a shelf so my basic portable machine could sit flush with the table portion. I would just have to put it in each time.  That's the cheapest way at around $35-40.  I think having a level surface to sew with so fabric lies flatter as it feeds through will improve my skills and pleasure of sewing.

For now it's the dining room table until I figure out what's going on with this all.....I only have a couple months - we start costuming the school's December play in October. And there will be concert gowns to hem too - I really want to do that with the new blind hem foot I got rather than by hand this year.


  1. What about a rectangular, folding table? I used to have one (a heavy duty, steel one!) obtained thru Freecycle. I sold it during my last move for $25. You may be able to get one free/cheap-send the word out thar you are looking! Just an idea

  2. My mom was looking for a quilting table and picked on up for $10 at the local neighborhood yard sale. I guess it is hard to figure with the height and everything you need. Would a desk work or do it have to be higher or lower for the machine?? It might be easiest and cheapest to get the one at goodwill and add one. It will save wear and tear on the dining room table :) I am sure you will figure out the best solution and I wish you the best of luck!