Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Overdid it - Owww!

Well I went overboard.  My back and shoulders are hurting for it too.  Way too much bending & reaching and twisting...but I Finished the under sink project!  Easier than I thought and it sounds dorky - but I'm very happy with the results.

I've also washed and polished all the wood cabinet doors and framework.  Looks amazing!

Today looks like a terribly hot one with poor air quality called for.  I'm going to stay inside as much as possible. - lights out & ceiling fans on to help the central air run as efficiently as possible.  I have laundry to wash but will wait until tonight.

Otherwise it's a frugal day planned - staying home and doing projects means not spending!


  1. Sorry you aren't feeling great but kudos for all the work you accomplished! Must be a great feeling - even with being sore!!! =)

  2. high 5! now take today off and rest!

  3. Oh no. Back pain is the worst! Feel better soon.