Thursday, July 28, 2016

Prepare for rough weather Part 1 -lighting

It's almost August....we are having a very dry summer....we are in hurricane season.
Now is the time for me to remind everyone it's time yo be sure you have a rough weather plan.  Not very long ago (in the last 5 years) we had serious hurricanes, freakish snowmageddon blizzard & bad ice storms.  I've decided to write a budget friendly series yo help folks prepare....nothing earth shattering or so new just reminders and cheap hints.

Today's theme is light!

I get the ocean state job lot flyers & coupons emailed go me.  Good deal this week I see are the led lanterns.  Coleman!  The LED bulbs sip battery power compared to the other kind of bulbs in the past.

Good end of summer purchase if you haven't already listened to me are the solar stake lights.  They aren't exceptionally bright but....when hurricane Sandy hit I got ours out of the garage & camping equipment and made sure they were charged up.  They make great night lights.  Stick one in the bathroom, end of the hallway - wherever you like.  By the time the sun starts to come up they're ready for recharge but a comfort when there is no power on your street.

Take stock of your batteries and flashlights.  Have the right size for what you need.  Place a small flashlight in every bedside table drawer.  I use the freebie trade show ones.   Here is a counter intuitive trick.....don't store batteries in the flashlight for a long term storage. The batteries will leak - it will ruin your flashlight.  Rubber and them to the light or only store 1 rubber banded to the outside of the light,  you can pop it in when you need to.  (We use led maglights and after losing a few non-led maglights we learned that expensive lesson)

Consider a headlamp for each person - we bought dome nice ones at Walmart for under $10.  LED And they use aaa batteries!  You can wear it or hold it-very helpful

Candles - nice to have, watch your pets and small kids with them.  My family only uses them on flat sturdy surfaces like the dining table and mantle.  They are for non-task related lighting, no romantic images of homework or knitting by candlelight. They illuminate the table while we eat and keep us from bumping into stuff.  You get what you pay for with candles too.  I prefer the large jar type, no drips of wax plus any wax that is left over at the end can be melted by my youngest who makes fire starters with it as a hobby....  You can get the prayer candles in glass jars expensively at shop rite and dollar tree. It's never a bad idea to have a couple around.
Before hurricane sandy I had lots of used pillar & taper non-jar candles around waiting to be recycled, youngest and I gathered up the salsa jars I had (great for this) and melted the wax in a double boiler fashioned of a pot and metal coffee can with a spout pinched in it (now the wax pot). We poured waited a few minutes after melting for the wax to cool a little so the jars didn't shatter....using wicks from the craft store we had a 4 bizarrely colored vanilla-floral scented candles ready to go.  Be sure you have some matches or grill lighter too.
Always blow then out before leaving the house or going to bed!!!


  1. Thanks for the reminders! With all the sunny dry weather we have been having, it's easy to forget that hurricane season is around the corner!

  2. Just because, I got out lights and batteries the other day. When my children were little, I put a candle in the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink because I am terrified of fire. We never had to eat a meal, or I would have put a candle on the table. Good post.