Sunday, July 3, 2016

Productive morning

I fell  asleep last night watching tv. This means I was up early because there was an annoying infomercial on...not a biggie.  I made the most of it - 2 cups of coffee in me by 9 am and a huge pasta salad made for a picnic later today and a roasted broccoli/quinoa salad in the fridge for my lunches / dinners during the week....and all my veggies prepped for the week!  Not only that but I've located the replacement hinges for the kitchen cabinets (brushed nickel rather than antique brass). And I have a plan in place to clean out under the kitchen sink later today....(there has been mouse activity - drat!)
The plan includes emptying and cleaning with Clorox bleach...and I'm going to tear out the contact paper that lines the wood base and am replacing with self stick floor tiles - hopefully it will be easier to clean if the mice return in the fall and hopefully hubby doesn't flip out that I'm putting them in.
I'm also going to install a couple of the little battery operated tap lights in there since it's usually very very dark and I don't like it.

I'm off to attempt cleaning the shower doors in the hall bathroom!  More once I accomplish more :-)


  1. Sounds like a very productive day!

  2. I kept leaving the tap lights on and ran down so many batteries. Finally, I found a tap light that has a timer that you can set for 1 minute, 2, or 5 minutes or just "on." I put your blog on my blog roll.