Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sewing table adventure!

i think I've found a solution!

I was up late searching craigslist for a sewing table.  I've come across a solution, maybe...I have my sister the DIY Queen in the family evaluating my possible project....

See I have a front load bobbin machine and it's kinda a free arm machine in that respect, sometimes I use that.

Googling last night I came across a YouTube video called "redneck quilting table". I can't get the link here to work but the gist of it is you take rigid home insulation foam board sheets (in my case I would cut it to fit my existing 4x2 folding table.  Stack the foam boards and tick them together with some adhesive, trim out machine area with razor knife and then seal the cut edges.  Looks like they used duct tape.  I would probably wrap it in contact paper.  

I know those foam boards are around $12-15 so I could still guy my under $30 mark.  Then I could just store it in the corner until I need to sew.

Waiting go see what sister says

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  1. So (sew? Heehee) did you create the table? Would love to see a pic