Friday, July 1, 2016

Shampooed Carpet

I just couldn't stand it any longer.  The carpet under the dining table (living/dining combo room) with a kitchen that has a bar pass through....
Anyhow it's a rectangular rug under a rectangular table - the corner closest to the kitchen was been showing gray dirty stains....I vacume every other day or daily.....depending on the grime level.  Well it's not a $$ rig but we like it and it's still in decent shape and there are other more important things to spend money on.  So today I pull out the Hoover steam vac and get to work on it....moved the table in ancipation of this....vacuumed the carpet twice yesterday and this mornin.  Follow instructions on the bottle of cleaner to the letter. Guess what - grey parts still grey :-(

Didn't want to chance it with the Pinterest dawn and peroxide mixture...was afraid of stripping the colored bits out.  So I grabbed a scrub brush and bottle of Simple Green cleaner (original, concentrate) spritzed some in a little spot and scrubbed away like a crazy woman - rinsed with hot clean water and dried it with a few paper towels. It really worked!  Lots of the grime came up.
So I spritzed all the creamy /gray area (it's a border) and scrubbed and scrubbed....luckily the carpet was still damp from the First shampoo & rinse.  Then I rinsed it with plain hot water.

Looks so do so much better!!  

I wish I had covered the picnic table in the yard with plastic and laid the rug unside down on it then power washed it from the underside when we had the sunny, not too hot and dry days earlier in the month. I remember doing that to similar carpets growing up and they always turned out clean & fluffy.  When you use olefin that happens.  My mom use to just soak them with the hose and scrub with an amoinia water mix then rinse the hell out of hers.  

I'm thankful I keep a gallon of Simple Green on hand - it really cleZns a lot and doesn't small like pinesol.

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  1. Awesoome fix! Glad it worked for you. Do you wear shoes in the home? I find that keeping shoes at the door saves my floors and rugs, but I also get the grey grundge on the area most walked on, from those occassions when shoes are worn, just a matter of litteral foot traffic.