Tuesday, August 2, 2016

3-ish weeks left

I can't believe school starts in 3ish weeks!  I have to get a few things accomplished before then....

  1. Order textbook/workbooks from Amazon
  2. Double check uniform needs & buy accordingly
  3. School shoe shopping - come on sale cycles: babies need new shoes!
  4. Notebook shopping (over bought last year and didn't return because there were some amazing deals, which was good second semester when new ones were needed) minimal needs this fall.
  5. Bedroom study areas need to be cleaned and re-established pronto!  Success is the only option
  6. Looking into a Disney circle to curb phone/web usage when homework should be done and sleeping should happen (a problem here with teens)

Hoped to cross a few items off my list today, the no travel one would be nice to cross off.

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