Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Aldi & back to school prep

We've been hard at it today.  Kiddos are finishing up the summer reading assignments for classes to start next week.  Youngest and I went shoe shopping.  Loved using the Buy 1 get one 50% off at a Famous Footwear. And they let me use the extra 15% off coupon at the outlets!  Top it off eith not having to pay sales tax - I'm a happy camper!

Quick run to ShopRite and picked up the notebooks kiddos needed....(no matter how I try I cannot convince them 5 70 page notebooks from Staples at $.17/ea is a better deal than 1 5 subject notebook.  Oh well. The 1 subjects are the go to supplement plan when the 5 subjects run out.

Stopped at Aldi again this week - since I was nearby one (next Monday will be my last trip for a while). I had in my head to only spend $20.  Actually spent $36!
Stocked up on a tub of honey wheat pretzel sticks, 2 bags of chocolate chips, romaine hearts, mini cucumbers, peanut butter filled pretzels, protien granola bars for school lunches 5# jasmine rice, and 2 bags of ciabatta rolls for the freezer.  The pretzel things are stashed away for school lunches/snacks with the granola bars.

Tomorrow us shoe shopping with the other kiddo, haircuts for both, and a quick stop to Walmart for a couple of items not at Aldi or on sale cheaper at ShopRite.

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