Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Aldi run :-)

Youngest had a thing today that took a few hours, so I popped up the Aldi app to see if there was one nearby while I waited. We needed a few things and I'm going to bite the bullet and try the 21Day Fix diet and exercise.  There are loads of stuff on Pinterest and complete shopping lists meal plans for Aldi shoppers too.  (Not doing the shakeology drinks, don't care for protein shakes and that kind is too expensive for me - I'm searching for a palatable alternative)

Anyhow....I found an Aldi and did a bit of shopping....$59 worth.  Mostly restock stuff.
3 bags of sugar (1.69/4#)
1 box stevia packets (21 day fix)
1 canister quick cook steel cut oats (fridge oatmeal jars)
3 bags mini chocolate chips (school muffin season is coming)
2 boxes baking soda
1 Baking powder
Bag of raw almonds (cheaper at BJs - now I know - but need them today)
Quick cook brown rice (hoping it will help us make the switch)
1 bag of ciabatta rolls (hoping they're good)
2 bottles teriyaki marinade
2 cans Goya coconut milk (for pumpkin soup). Good price too
Jif peanut butter packs (lunch boxes) 8/$2.19
Avocado, cucumber & lettuce
Box of cold cereal (peanut butter chocolate balls)

I didn't get anything perishable since I didn't gave a cooler for it.

For an urban Aldi it was remarkably well stocked and tidy (there are 2 I've been to that aren't too neat).  It was busy too 3 registers going!

We also had an article in the local paper that an Aldi is looking to buy the old bowling alley in a closer town and put in a store - I hope try do & succeed. The property is sort of across the road from a Stop & Shop and that company is known for buying properties to eliminate other groceries from going in.  I understand the business reasons behind it - but they then drive up the prices where they have a lock on the market.  I live between 2 shoreline ones and one where they're the only grocery store in town is always 10-20 cents more on most items than the one in the town with 1 store in competition.

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  1. WE like the chiabatta rolls; are great for making garlic toast