Monday, August 8, 2016

Aldi Run

Trip 1 for the week had me in new haven.  I planned ahead took the cooler and ice blocks and hit Aldi with a list.  Picked up 3 cartons on OJ the not from concentrate kind.  Hope the kids like it - it's so much less $ than Tropicana. Also 3 blocks of cheddar, 2 bags of ciabatta rolls, 2 bags of the mini cucumbers on special (16 oz for $.99), bananas, more chocolate chips, blue corn chips, organic type corn chips, sweet potato chips, low salt wavy chip, oyster crackers, tissues.  Not too bad $39.
I wanted blueberries but they were sold out.  Also wanted plain raw almonds and grape tomatoes but those were unavailable too. Skipped the muffin mix and bottled water today - pantry is ok for those items.

I was bummed out because I need vanilla low fat yogurt and all they had was Greek style, artificial sweetened or whole milk style.  Guess it's a trip to ShopRite for that.

Also hit Walmart for milk on my way back from a morning errand and dropped almost $17 on sliced ham, markdown Kaiser rolls ($1.39/6), milk, 8 small coconut yogurts, I know!  Could have done better at ShopRite. Not in my planned driving area this week.

We are trying the Aldi cihips - I don't like them eating them so much...both because they're not very nutritious but also they get expensive!!  Hopefully these will last until school starts.

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