Friday, August 12, 2016

Aldi successes

So, some of the new to us products we have tried the last 2 weeks from Aldi....and some not so new but they needed to make the list...
The very good, the good and the meh...

Very good :
their version of premium OJ in a carton....yum!
Quick cook brown rice - worth the price....tasty and ready in 15 minutes - winner
Millville Corn "Chex". Yum.
Fit & Active red berry vitality cereal (think special k). Family loved it
Semi sweet chocolate chips - as good as nestle and 1/2 the price
Clancy low salt wavy chips - 1/2 the price of lays version - just as tasty - these could be the substitute chip
Ciabatta rolls - love the price!

The good:
Carlini "Pam" spray
The bananas - although they were green they moved to spotty in 4 days - but tasty
The baby cukes - little English cukes!  Love them!!  $.99/pound
Sharp cheddar block cheese - tasty and good texture

The meh :
Their version of shredded Parmesan cheese (like Kraft). It's ok....I'll stick with BJs brand for now....
Their white bread - it was on sale for $.45/loaf this week....didn't really care for it.  For the few loafs of white bread we buy a year I'll stick with freihoffer outlet.


  1. I always liked aldis semisweet chips better. I rarely go there now. Maybe I will get some for holiday baking.

  2. I hadn't gotten their chocolate chips yet because my parents usually buy my a huge bag at Sam's Club a few times a year for me but we totally finished it and I was going to get Aldi ones but I was afraid that they might be bad and bad chocolate is horrible!! Good to know that they are good!! Going to try them sometime soon!! You have to get their bananas green because they do turn quickly...I find that their milk does too. Not sure the issue but great review and thanks for sharing!!