Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Busy busy busy

So I'm kinda a sloth about posting in the last week.  My apologies!  I've been busy with stuff.  Some personal, some friends, some family and lots of shopping. 

Personal:  Olympics watching and I injured my pinky toenail - lets just say it's something I do every year and I wonder why I don't just have the nail removed because for the next couple months it will catch on everything and me bring such a wuss and squeamish it will make me nutty on a daily basis.

Friends:  some friends from high school were in town and I hadn't seen them in more than 20 years - so I spent dome catchup time face to face.  

Family:  medical appointment, driving to activities, usual mom stuff.  But it's amazing how much time it takes!

Shopping:  well there was my stop at IKEA where I only bought cinnamon rolls last week.  Monday night I hit Aldi and dropped $56, shop rite and dropped $28, yesterday was BJs and I only spent $43 because I had a $40 rewards evoucher and 2 coupons.  Hubby stopped Monday at the market near his office and picked up some stuff.  I think until I hit Aldi next Monday - we are done!  I cud pick up 4 cartons of the Aldi premium OJ. Hubby didn't know it was on my list and bought 2 minute aid bottles since they were on sale.  Don't worry - I told the kids they are not getting any more for 3 weeks so make it last!  

I do have to do the dreaded school shopping - maybe I will try to do a little tomorrow afternoon....

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