Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Midway thru Week 1

its hump day!

Midway through the first week of school - we have survived so was the toughest to get out of the house on time - we were all super tired.  Just 2 more days though. 

Both kids have had homework - Oldest has the lions share - but that's what happens when you sign up for honors and AP classes.  Youngest is settling in to freshman life.

One change I'm not sure for the better that the school made this year is the elimination of planners. 
They have always given the kids planners for assignments - talk in the office was they were expensive and not enough kids were using them correctly.  As a parent who now is in her 6th year there and a Franklin Covey/Filofax geek, I can say its because the kids were never taught how to properly use a planner.

sooooo, I've been trying out all kinds of homework apps on my phone.  Mostly because my youngest struggles with remembering to write down the assignment and then do the assignment.  Hopefully the phone app will help.....When the school changed from the old "online grade checking site" to the new the teachers stopped posting what was due when and the rubrics to projects - opting to hand out a sheet of paper...because they didn't care for the new site as much.  Needless to say Last year youngest struggled with assignments and deadlines  and since that was a super handy feature of the old grade system.   The struggle is real!

If my quest for a good homework app fails I will buy a planner for them both....just have to use them.

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  1. I too am a planner geek so I feel your pain! Our high school gives out planners but I'm not sure they take the time to talk to students about how to effectively use them.
    Thanks to this post, I think I'm going to sit down with both girls this weekend and help them organize their school planners - even though they don't share planner enthusiasm with me! haha!
    On a side note....our school system uses "PowerSchool" to record everything from absences to schedules to homework and grades. While there are some benefits to this, even the teachers will readily admit that they don't always get around to posting the assignments online in a timely fashion - which makes it difficult for students to rely on consistently (hence the planners to use during school to write down assignments).