Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Preparing for rough weather - batten down the hatches!

So you have a way to see in the dark, foods to eat and water to drink and hygiene  all stocked up and waiting for the storm to hit.  Time to protect your property.
Luckily thanks to the news and weather channel, you really must live under a rock to be caught off guard by an Atlantic based storm.  Use all available helpers living with you.  This can take a couple hours if not a whole day or two depending on how helpful the helpers are.

  1. Get the lawn furniture stowed away
  2. Bikes and outdoor toys - put them away!
  3. Clean up the yard as much as you can.  Remember it it can get blown over it can get blown into a window.  
  4. Make sure your gutters are cleared.  
  5. We store the rolling trash barrels in the garage if there is going to be a hurricane or blizzard.  I don't want it blowing over but dont want it piling up in the house either.  
  6. While you're at it, take a tarp and some rope and wrap your woodpile - late season hurricanes bring cold and rain - wet wood sucks
  7. If you have wood shutters for Windows use them.  Or install if you need to.  If not tape your window glass, we use painter tape.  Never had a window break but why take the chance.  
  8. If you have a generator, make sure you have new fuel and that the generator is functioning properly.  
  9. Have your basic tools close at hand, and the shovel, loppers, bow saw, & rake
  10. Stock up on leather work gloves, rubber gloves and heavy duty trash bags. 
  11. Tuck your bbq grill and gas or charcoal somewhere safe but easily accessible in case your cooking plans include it. 
  12. Get some cash at the bank - you can always put it back in.  
  13. Make sure you have a weather radio (I like the Eton crank ones from llbean)
  14. Charge up the cell phone!  Maybe invest in a rechargeable battery pack 

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  1. No matter how much I have to struggle and hurt myself, I always turn table over and drag chairs against the back of the house. I put a chair in front of each basement window to try and protect the window. I take potted plants and put them in a corner of the house and off any elevation. There is a place, a corner, that short of an F5 tornado, they will not blow away or not turn over.

    Like you say, there are warnings, even of tornadoes on the way...most of the time.

    The last thing I do is park the car on the road so none of my huge oaks or hickory will drop a limb on it.

    Thankfully, my car will charge my phone even if the car is not running, although I do charge it. When we were without ac for 5 days, I never had a dead cell. Nor did I run out of gas as I filled up the car.

    There is no woodpile here.

    Good list!