Friday, August 5, 2016

Preparing for rough weather - part 4. Cleaning

This one will seem reall oddball to you all I'm sure.  Since you have food, water, light, heat & hatches are battened down.  You won't be running to the store right?
This is when you can tidy up for potential power loss. Or reduced power.

  1. Wash all laundry!  Why go into a power outage especially if the news says it's likely to happen with dirty laundry.  Did it before Hurricane Sandy and was thankful I did.  A week of limited power, meant no laundry got washed.
  2. Change all sheets (after a stressful day or 2 with no power it helps to sleep better)
  3. Know where your extra blankets are - it might get cold at night.
  4. Vacume & mop your floors - it will make it seem less awful/gross if you do lose power
  5. Scrub the bathrooms - especially toilets (reduced flushing will make cleaning tough enough)
  6. Fire up the crock-pot for easily reheat meals - go for comfort foods
  7. Be sure you have decent paper goods, saves washing up.
  8. Consider assigning each person a cup for the day, it will help with washing up.  Break out the solo cups and sharpies.  
  9. Wash and prep any fresh veggies you have.  Saving you time and you'll use them first that way
  10. Run the dishwasher before the storm hits.  

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