Saturday, August 20, 2016

Product formulas

this is about deoderant/antiperspirant in other words stink-no-more-stick

Who gets annoyed when this product doesn't work?  ME!
Who gets annoyed but residue on clothes (stains/white line)?  ME!

Well I'm not sure about this...and it maybe TMI so read at your own risk....

A few months ago, unhappy with the performance of my current 'pit stick' I ventured back to the world of roll-on.  I seriously went back in time.  I started out easily enough,  I had gotten a can of degree spray (thanks Sluggy) free in the mail for answering a survey. I liked the cool feeling but the vapor cloud was tough for my to breathe though.  Undeterred and motivated I picked up a bottle of suave roll on in powder fresh.  Used it once or twice and was reminded of the wetness...but it didn't sting freshly shaved skin, YAY!  So because I hate to waste things I stuck it in my travel bag and forgot about it, until one late spring morning, when I turned the dial on my trusty name brand solid stick and the solid collapsed.  The container must have been dropped or knocked off the counter by the hair dryer cord to many times.  Because I was on the hunt for a more effective formula (no stinkies) I didn't have a backup in stock. Other than the can of degree spray, but I did have the roll on - which had become my travel deoderant.  I used it and was surprised - I liked it.

Fast forward to now, I have tried other brands of roll on.  Dry Idea has a no marks version and it keeps me stank free and confident for tank tops!

Maybe going old school is the key here!  I'm actually going to switch over the eldest child this week to see if it's more effective for him - his undershirts last year were stained yellow and a couple uniforms too!  And this kiddo showers at least 2X daily.

Here is what I've learned:

  • My shirts don't have white waxy build up in the pits area (from my hearty application of stick)
  • For me, these roll on types seem to keep the stankiness at bay.  Today I was outside working from 8-4 came in super sweaty and gave my shirt the whiff test - it wasn't roses, but it wasn't a total sour stankfest either.  
  • My underarm skin isn't irritated & sore/itchy (even though the active ingredient is the same in solid and roll-on)


  1. Yes, I do become annoyed!

    I just cannot work my way through the wetness of roll-on. I did try it lately when I could not lay my hands on my Secret Powder Fresh. The mist of spray on is unbearable.

    Look online for ways to remove the yellow, white and gray deodorant stains. You might be able to fix a few items even if you don't want to go back to solids.