Sunday, August 28, 2016

"School is coming"...(Insert Ned Stark voice-over here)

Woohoo!  The return to normalcy - ie: routine is in sight - less than 24 hours away!!

Uniforms are ready for this week & new bottoms ordered (Old Navy had 40% off everything and free shipping over $50! - dear GodI hope they all fit!)
Shoes & Supplies are ready
Summer assignments are nearly done being typed up

Today I am working away at the usual laundry, grocery list making (lunches this week) and thinking of menu planning - eventhough this week will be what I like to call "Seat of our pants" cooking - because for some reason - we have a ton of month/summer end stuff and meetings coinciding with with start of school this year.

I also have started looking into getting a graduate certificate - which should help me secure a position at my kids school.  I honestly hope its possible - it would be online classes but if I decided to further persue a masters in education then those classes would transfer into it at the same location.  Hubby seems behind it - we just have to figure out the $$$ side of it and if the payout in the end would make financial sense. 

Hope you all have a great last August Sunday.

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  1. Even I look forward to back to school and I do not have school aged kids! Brings normalcy to the studio. Normalcy to home life too.