Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Slap your mama good chicken"

Oh yum!  Yesterday I made a rotisserie chicken in the crockpot. It was the best one yet!  As the title says so good you'll slap your mama!
I did it a bit different this time so it's now a keeper
I used regular paprika rather than smoked paprika
Didn't rub it down with olive oil before...just rinsed & patted dry with paper towels then rubbed the spice mix (paprika, salt, fine round pepper, onion powder & garlic powder) with a little sprinkle inside (like 1/8 tsp)
Then I placed 2 ribs of celery and 1/2 large onion in the bottom of the crockpot and placed the chicken on added water.   Low for 6 hours.  It fell off the bones!
I took the rich brown stock after straining and made a quick gravy.
We ate the whole thing!  Usually I can get 2 meals from a 6ish pound bird. Last night we couldn't stop.

Also tried it with the Aldi quick cook brown rice....will buy that again!  Tasty & fast!!  Oh and we steamed broccoli and cucumber slices.

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