Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tax Free Week Begins!

This is one of my favorite weeks to shop - not because of the crowds....but because I get to not pay sales tax on clothing purchases!  Sounds cheap but really it's a tiny bit vengeful on my part.  Our state is not good at managing the tax dollars they get from, gas tax, sales tax and income tax.  Our govenor & his buddies are just a mess in Hartford.
So not paying sales tax on stuff my family needs to wear makes me smile. Underclothes, socks, shoes & school uniforms for the kiddos.  A few new items and sneakers for hubby and I are in the list too.

I wish that school supplies like notebooks were too.


  1. We only had a three-day weekend to do that in AL. I actually bought things before and after that and could have not paid tax. Next year, I must plan better since other years I have been better at taking advantage of no taxes.

  2. We're in CT, too, but we're not in the position to do a huge amount of shopping this year. Hubby was out of work on unpaid medical leave for six months this year. But, I will purchase a few things and do it gleefully as the clowns in Hartford won't get even $.01 more of our money. :-)

  3. Doing some clothes shopping this week for my girls too! Unfortunately I didn't plan as well as I should have and won't be doing a huge trip BUT any money that stays in my pocket makes me happy!

    1. until our legislature can get their head out of their netherregions with spending and cuts to programs like DSS and staffing cuts to social workers etc I don't want to give them anymore $$ than I do already

  4. I'm long past school shopping and MA doesn't have tax on clothing anyway.

    But we are not having a tax free weekend this year. I know my dd and sil look forward to it. They bought their snowblower last year on that weekend and I know they need a new grill. Oh well....