Friday, September 30, 2016

Ahh quiet at last

Finally some quiet!  Hubby and the kids have gone off until Sunday's so quiet now.  It's blissful. It's been a really hectic week for me, so I'm very thankful.
Today was rush off to school, back home to shower and handle some emails and rush to my hair appointment.
Big deal for me was the highlight special.  As in highlights with another coloring process and cut were free!  So happy!!  The new cut is shorter than I would have gone but it's growing on me and my hair grew so much in the last 7 weeks between the last cut and today.  It was shaggy!

Tomorrow will have me hitting several consignment shops.  Hunting down a black washable skirt and a couple tops or fall and some black slacks.
I will hit the outlets for some black flats, my current pair have always hurt a little and I can't take it anymore.  They were such a great deal and I figured they would break in but just isn't happening after all this time 3yr.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

prepping for work tomorrow

spent the evening trying to prep for subbing tomorrow.  I've done these classes before - one period has a wicked case of the squirmies when they have a sub - no matter how much work is left for them to do for the day.  And they are high schoolers - not little kids...I'll have to remember to hit the ladies room before they come in for the day.

I have dinner all planned to get dumped into the crockpot.  I have my wardrobe (what still fits) readyish  I hate that part.  I want to be comfy but look semi-professional but not wear heels.

My kids are ready for a quick departure in the morning - I hope - but now I feel like I have the start of a cold coming on....Praying that its allergies starting early - since the drought has caused some trees to start changing color.  Took my airborne and zicam anyway - just to be safe.

I have my laptop bag all set and ready to fly out the door with me in the morning. 

I did spend some goof off time tiday looking at pinterest at capsule wardrobes.  I could totally do that - if I chucked everything in my closet and started over with just the items on the list.  but it would make my life so easy.  Well if I hit lotto - after I buy a new car for hubby, - I'll do that. ha ha ha
I think the zicam makes me loopy

Monday, September 26, 2016

Envelopes & Closeted Frugalistas

Today was breakfast with a couple of moms from school - always good to see and hear what other parents are up to etc.  Well we are getting ready to pay our bill and one mom pulls out a stack of envelopes -  shes an enveloper!  she explained to us how it helps keep her on track. 
I felt like a closet frugalista - I wanted to tell her about the pattern I saw for sewing cute little envelopes that you can keep in your purse.  Maybe I will find some free time and whip up a few with my stash fabrics & rescued zippers for her. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Big E Adventure

Hubby and I took Friday and went to the Big E in Springfield.  I went a couple years ago with the youngest while hubby and oldest had another activity.  Other than that I hadn't been since college and Hubby hadn't been since high school he figures.  We had never gone together.  
I think we can safely say we might not go back for several years.

Friday was a good day crowd wise.  It was busy but not a huge weekend mob. But honestly there are 2 large vendor buildings with the same vendors in each!  How many miracle steam mops and sham-wow or super veggie peelers does a person need?  

We actually didn't but a thing!  Other than some beers and food.  We had a nice time walking around and watching the high school band that played for the day  and hitting each state building but I can't help but wonder were we missing what all the hype is?  Or maybe we are more into small agriFairs.  Are we just too frugal to buy more gadgets that do what we already have gadgets for?

The 4-H building was well done though!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lidil is coming!!!

soooo. If you read Frugal Queen you know she loves the deals at Lidil. (Another Aldi-Esque shop)
Well I heard all over the news that the store is looking to jump the pond and come to the east coast of the US!!!!!  Yay!!!!!
Hopefully one comes to CT and close to me so I can try it out

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

6 days?

Not dead!!  Just, kids, life, kids....

What are some fun things I've been up to?  
Finally did the bulletin board at church - it looks awesome!  Even if I say so myself.  
Getting some band fundraisers organized at school (necessary evil). 
Went to an all day Scrapbooking event for charity with my gal pals - totally fun and tiring but very needed for my mental health.
Searched Pinterest for loads of ideas on recipes and ways to make subbing days easier.
Weeded thru closet to see what clothes will work this year to teach in and I've decided I need to hit a good consignment shop for a few new to me pieces, weight isn't coming off so easily.  Next step is to wire my jaw shut - just kidding!
Went to goodwill to make a deposit
Almost made a goodwill purchase but decided not to without checking with hubby first - new to us counter stools/chairs.  Glad I didn't they might have been too high.  
Meetings in the evenings and laundry - 

That's it for the last 6 about you?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Body tired....brain not tired

Here is something fun....I'm physically tired, but my mind is racing and I'm still awake at 10:30....
All these random thoughts zipping around....
Call the orchard & see if cortlands are ready for picking, remember to pick up a gift for a shower this weekend, make sure to pick up items to update church bulletin board, all the random crap that individually on a normal nights sleep won't keep me up....tonight has decided to.

Yes I keep a notebook bedside to write these things down - mostly a preplan page for tomorrow's coffee....

View from the podium

Called in today to sub. It's a planning period now. I like these since it gives me a minute to look over what the next class has to work on. They need to study quietly for a text next week - and I have to tell them no-devices. This was a problem last year - somehow the kids have adopted the "there's a sub so we can goof off for the day" attitude. I had a big chunk of these kids last year While subbing and they were a tough bunch - but bright - I guess getting a sub is boring.   That's ok. I'm not the one who has to take the text next week and this group will complain they didn't get enough notice of the test. 6 days is pretty generous If you ask me. All are bright just need to apply themselves for 42 minutes and read the material quietly. The only distraction is the chirping birds outside the windows and the blue sky. But if I pull the shades then the airflow will stop and they will all start sleeping - or faint from the heat

Sunday, September 11, 2016

back at it...gearing up for the week

I would love to say I have a fridge full of healthy dinners ready for the upcoming week - but I don't.

I do have all the washing done, folded/put away though!  That's big.....

I do have an idea of what I would like to cook this week - that's a plus for me

I have my list for shop-rite all ready. 

while at church today I was asked if I would be updating the bulletin board for one of the youth groups, its really for information but some of the choir thinks it needs spiffing up.  Guess I'm adding that to my list of things to accomplish on Monday now.  And I have to say I'm a little grumpy about it.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

my OFF GRID experiment

This week I've been quiet - I did a little going OFF the GRID Experiment.  I kinda checked out from the blogosphere and social media Monday - Friday - it was hard but I was totally swamped with other stuff, between kids school, fundraiser planning, evening meetings, trying to find a way for me to schedule getting back to school for this graduate certificate, housework, family needs.....and dealing with the devil that is Comcast.  Our high speed internet we pay for is only working in one room of the house all the sudden - the room the modem is in - which is fine for tv viewing but not for the kids trying to get their homework done in their rooms at the other end of the house, me trying to use my tablet for anything other than playing solitaire.  Hubby has been able to get his work computer to work with good speed but only because he is in the office with the modem and the ancient desktop is fine.  Comcast says its our house design not their sister's boyfriend says that they're (full of it. (insert your own it).  So dealing with them has been a HUGE TIME SUCK this week too.

What did I learn in my experiment?? I need my faster internet for my sanity.  I need to check the newspaper headlines and read what everyone it up to on their blogs so I don't feel like I'm the only person in the world who tracks what they spend and how to find a good deal to keep $$ in my pocket.  And I need it to find yummy recipes for this diet...If I'm going to succeed. 

The DIET Update:  So far I've lost 2#s  which is awesome since it was fair weekend last weekend and I ate lots of fair food - LOTS.  But, its the only local fair of the year for me and I didn't go as hog-wild as I usually do.  I'm like a boa constrictor with fair food - I will eat a lot of it and it holds me for a year.

I'm getting used to subbing out a meal with a shake - not the super pricey one....the GNC Lean ones.  Here are my tricks....
  • Add 1/2 a banana (helps with texture and gets some fruit in you)
  • Add some crushed ice (helps keep it more milkshake like)
  • Add 1 tsp Hershey powder (I really like things chocolatey)
  • 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp. peanut butter and 1 tsp Hershey powder added makes a really yummy treat!
  • Use unsweetened vanilla almond or almond/coconut or coconut milk (yes it adds some fat but helps with the creaminess)
  • Vanilla is good if you plan on adding about 1 cup of fruit (use water to mix)
I finally tried the RAW Fit marley coffee flavored pouch I bought for $4.99 (ouch)  Its a vegan one so I thought it would be better since I never had luck with the whey ones before.  GAG!!!!  Its was like drinking a coffee flavored sand smoothy.  the taste was ok - it was the texture that sent me over the edge.  So....I will be sticking with the GNC Lean chocolate whey or chocolate vegan and the natural vanilla whey.  Good thing they were B1G1 last week....

Saturday, September 3, 2016

I'm a little bummed out this morning.  A couple weeks ago I bought a 4 pack of Lacura ladies razors at Aldi .  They are similar in look/design to the name brand I've been using but only 2.99!  Super happy since that almost $6 cheaper than the name brand ones at target -who's up and up brand wasn't bad for a substitute razor

They only look similar....definately don't perform the same.  I'm not a hairy person  but like to shave every other day minimum.  The first razor out of the box was great for shave 1, adequate for shave 2 and terrible for shave 3....all in a week!  Nope, not gonna cut it (yes pun intended). Hoping the fresh one I used this morning is decent tomorrow/Monday and this was just an anomaly.

I hate that razors are soooo blasted expensive.  Never had luck with the dollar tree twin or triple blades either.

And I use a shaving cream with extra moisturizers since I tend to have dry skin normally.  (In the winter I use thick hand cream on my legs)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Back on the Budget Wagon

Today was the first trip of the month to the grocery store.  I only picked up items we ran out of since my last trip on Sunday.
School lunch fixin's and fruit & 2 hygiene products

I am keeping all (every single one) grocery receipts this month in an envelope in my purse to look over later in the month to see where my food budget goes off track.  Truthfully I probably won't look at it until the end of the month.  I've also told hubby that when he runs to the market at lunch to give me the receipts.  August was the month of eating out a lot and hitting the grocery store - somewhere there is a huge disconnect - either in what we are buying or remembering to take out of the freezer to cook.

Speaking of the freezer - this weekend will find me inventorying it again - it got out of control when the kids came home from their summer adventures and I need it back in control for  our budget and my diet.

diet review

Fall is a weird time to diet - but I have to....NONE of my pants fit!  I totally refuse to go buy new clothes in this bigger number that fits either.  I did hit goodwill this week and get a pair of khakis, so if I get called in to sub before stuff starts to fit comfortably again I won't have to wear a skirt every single day.  I used a coupon and it was on sunday so they only ended up costing me $4.  But still, I stepped on the scale this week and weigh what I did the day I delivered my youngest child!  NOT HAPPY!!  I spent the summer eating whatever the heck I wanted and however much and now I'm paying for it.

I have a friend on facebook who is a Beachbody coach - but, that system is more $$ than I want to shell out.  So I hit Pinterest and found lots of ways to try and do the 21 day fix without buying the measuring containers, book, exercise DVDs (which I never seem to do) and the Shakeology mix.

I traditionally stay away from weight loss shakes - but, this year with my goal to be up and showered and dressed to sub if I get called in on the drive to drop off the kids - I have to  have something in the car for my breakfast.  So....I'm doing meal replacement shakes.  Not Shakeology because its just toooooo expensive for me.  I have bought several to try, figuring the price for the sample package is more per serving than if I got the tub, but....less if I don't like the flavor - then I'm not stuck with something that may taste yucky to me.

I hit my local GNC after doing tons of reading online. and bought 4 pouches to try out.

1 chocolate GNC Lean Shake (whey formula) and 1 chocolate Lean Shake (Vegan Formula)
mixed them with ice, water a tsp of Hershey powder (I love chocolate) and 1/2 a banana in the Ninja blender.  Both went down pretty good.  I like the vegan one since it has a little more fiber (pea protein) but it was a little granier in texture - not terrible though.  The Whey based one was more creamy though. 
1 Natural Vanilla GNC Lean Shake.  a real step into the wild for me since I usually dislike anything vanilla - except softserve ice cream.  I picked this since there was a smoothie I wanted to try that calls for vanilla protein powder....Its good and I'm trying to get it down now. 
1 C Mango chunks (mine were frozen), 1/2 banana, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (used the packet since it equals), 2 cups of baby spinach leaves, handful of ice (omitted since my mango was frozen), 1/3 C unsweetened coconut milk (I used 2/3 c and 1/3 c water because it wasn't blending well)
Its tasty, a tad sweet, since the banana was really ripe - its also super foamy I think that's because I had to blend for so long.  Tweeks I will make for the next try are - 1.5 mango (thawed) , no banana, 1 scoop vanilla powder, 1 cup spinach and 1 cup water with a little ice.  May try frozen mixed berries as the fruit too.
I also have a pack of RAW Fit marley coffee flavor to try - a friend told me about this company - its really good vegan protein powder and this flavor is supposed to be awesome!  I figure with ice and a splash of unsweetened coconut milk for creaminess it might be like a coffee milk shake.

The nice thing is the GNC sample pouches come with a $5 off a canister coupon on the back - so I can see some savings if I go with that company.

The youngest child uses Pure Protien brand chocolate after practice during the school year - its not a meal replacement just a protein shake - but it has as much protein as the meal replacements, so I may try the banana and cocoa powder with ice trick to see how that goes for me -

I figure with this drink once a day - I won't fall over from hunger and then if I can eat in the program for the other meals I should - BETTER drop some of this weight.  along with using the elliptical & treadmill in the basement.