Tuesday, September 20, 2016

6 days?

Not dead!!  Just busy....school, kids, life, kids....

What are some fun things I've been up to?  
Finally did the bulletin board at church - it looks awesome!  Even if I say so myself.  
Getting some band fundraisers organized at school (necessary evil). 
Went to an all day Scrapbooking event for charity with my gal pals - totally fun and tiring but very needed for my mental health.
Searched Pinterest for loads of ideas on recipes and ways to make subbing days easier.
Weeded thru closet to see what clothes will work this year to teach in and I've decided I need to hit a good consignment shop for a few new to me pieces, weight isn't coming off so easily.  Next step is to wire my jaw shut - just kidding!
Went to goodwill to make a deposit
Almost made a goodwill purchase but decided not to without checking with hubby first - new to us counter stools/chairs.  Glad I didn't they might have been too high.  
Meetings in the evenings and laundry - 

That's it for the last 6 days....how about you?

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