Sunday, September 25, 2016

Big E Adventure

Hubby and I took Friday and went to the Big E in Springfield.  I went a couple years ago with the youngest while hubby and oldest had another activity.  Other than that I hadn't been since college and Hubby hadn't been since high school he figures.  We had never gone together.  
I think we can safely say we might not go back for several years.

Friday was a good day crowd wise.  It was busy but not a huge weekend mob. But honestly there are 2 large vendor buildings with the same vendors in each!  How many miracle steam mops and sham-wow or super veggie peelers does a person need?  

We actually didn't but a thing!  Other than some beers and food.  We had a nice time walking around and watching the high school band that played for the day  and hitting each state building but I can't help but wonder were we missing what all the hype is?  Or maybe we are more into small agriFairs.  Are we just too frugal to buy more gadgets that do what we already have gadgets for?

The 4-H building was well done though!

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