Friday, September 2, 2016

diet review

Fall is a weird time to diet - but I have to....NONE of my pants fit!  I totally refuse to go buy new clothes in this bigger number that fits either.  I did hit goodwill this week and get a pair of khakis, so if I get called in to sub before stuff starts to fit comfortably again I won't have to wear a skirt every single day.  I used a coupon and it was on sunday so they only ended up costing me $4.  But still, I stepped on the scale this week and weigh what I did the day I delivered my youngest child!  NOT HAPPY!!  I spent the summer eating whatever the heck I wanted and however much and now I'm paying for it.

I have a friend on facebook who is a Beachbody coach - but, that system is more $$ than I want to shell out.  So I hit Pinterest and found lots of ways to try and do the 21 day fix without buying the measuring containers, book, exercise DVDs (which I never seem to do) and the Shakeology mix.

I traditionally stay away from weight loss shakes - but, this year with my goal to be up and showered and dressed to sub if I get called in on the drive to drop off the kids - I have to  have something in the car for my breakfast.  So....I'm doing meal replacement shakes.  Not Shakeology because its just toooooo expensive for me.  I have bought several to try, figuring the price for the sample package is more per serving than if I got the tub, but....less if I don't like the flavor - then I'm not stuck with something that may taste yucky to me.

I hit my local GNC after doing tons of reading online. and bought 4 pouches to try out.

1 chocolate GNC Lean Shake (whey formula) and 1 chocolate Lean Shake (Vegan Formula)
mixed them with ice, water a tsp of Hershey powder (I love chocolate) and 1/2 a banana in the Ninja blender.  Both went down pretty good.  I like the vegan one since it has a little more fiber (pea protein) but it was a little granier in texture - not terrible though.  The Whey based one was more creamy though. 
1 Natural Vanilla GNC Lean Shake.  a real step into the wild for me since I usually dislike anything vanilla - except softserve ice cream.  I picked this since there was a smoothie I wanted to try that calls for vanilla protein powder....Its good and I'm trying to get it down now. 
1 C Mango chunks (mine were frozen), 1/2 banana, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (used the packet since it equals), 2 cups of baby spinach leaves, handful of ice (omitted since my mango was frozen), 1/3 C unsweetened coconut milk (I used 2/3 c and 1/3 c water because it wasn't blending well)
Its tasty, a tad sweet, since the banana was really ripe - its also super foamy I think that's because I had to blend for so long.  Tweeks I will make for the next try are - 1.5 mango (thawed) , no banana, 1 scoop vanilla powder, 1 cup spinach and 1 cup water with a little ice.  May try frozen mixed berries as the fruit too.
I also have a pack of RAW Fit marley coffee flavor to try - a friend told me about this company - its really good vegan protein powder and this flavor is supposed to be awesome!  I figure with ice and a splash of unsweetened coconut milk for creaminess it might be like a coffee milk shake.

The nice thing is the GNC sample pouches come with a $5 off a canister coupon on the back - so I can see some savings if I go with that company.

The youngest child uses Pure Protien brand chocolate after practice during the school year - its not a meal replacement just a protein shake - but it has as much protein as the meal replacements, so I may try the banana and cocoa powder with ice trick to see how that goes for me -

I figure with this drink once a day - I won't fall over from hunger and then if I can eat in the program for the other meals I should - BETTER drop some of this weight.  along with using the elliptical & treadmill in the basement.


  1. I lost ten pounds in a month by being allergic to everything under the sun. It's a good weight loss plan if you don't mind having DTs from giving up mammal products! Since I only can wear knit fabric,elastic-waist pants , I am not alerted to weight gain.

  2. I think I would be in trouble if I had to go dairy free or vegan. Hubby is dairy free and it's tough for me to cook for him.
    A college friend is vegetarian & has celiac. That is tricky to cook for too

  3. I lost weight for my dd's wedding in 2014. I have worked hard to keep it off. Granted a couple of pounds did creep back on, but not enough so my clothes don't fit.

    I don't think I could do the shake business. I just try to be diligent in what I am eating and do my best not to have crazy snacks. The weight was slow coming off, but as I mentioned it is still staying off and I try my best to just watch what I eat.

    Good luck, it is hard!