Monday, September 26, 2016

Envelopes & Closeted Frugalistas

Today was breakfast with a couple of moms from school - always good to see and hear what other parents are up to etc.  Well we are getting ready to pay our bill and one mom pulls out a stack of envelopes -  shes an enveloper!  she explained to us how it helps keep her on track. 
I felt like a closet frugalista - I wanted to tell her about the pattern I saw for sewing cute little envelopes that you can keep in your purse.  Maybe I will find some free time and whip up a few with my stash fabrics & rescued zippers for her. 


  1. I know! Now I have to figure out the zipper foot on my machine 😜

  2. LOL!! Love to find some like minded people because it is always hard to share the frugal inside tips. Nice that you would make something for her too :) I am sure it will lead to lots more discussions of what you share!!

  3. Since I think the envelope method of paying bills is beyond stupid, I would have trouble not letting my eyes roll back in my head. But, that's just me.