Saturday, September 10, 2016

my OFF GRID experiment

This week I've been quiet - I did a little going OFF the GRID Experiment.  I kinda checked out from the blogosphere and social media Monday - Friday - it was hard but I was totally swamped with other stuff, between kids school, fundraiser planning, evening meetings, trying to find a way for me to schedule getting back to school for this graduate certificate, housework, family needs.....and dealing with the devil that is Comcast.  Our high speed internet we pay for is only working in one room of the house all the sudden - the room the modem is in - which is fine for tv viewing but not for the kids trying to get their homework done in their rooms at the other end of the house, me trying to use my tablet for anything other than playing solitaire.  Hubby has been able to get his work computer to work with good speed but only because he is in the office with the modem and the ancient desktop is fine.  Comcast says its our house design not their sister's boyfriend says that they're (full of it. (insert your own it).  So dealing with them has been a HUGE TIME SUCK this week too.

What did I learn in my experiment?? I need my faster internet for my sanity.  I need to check the newspaper headlines and read what everyone it up to on their blogs so I don't feel like I'm the only person in the world who tracks what they spend and how to find a good deal to keep $$ in my pocket.  And I need it to find yummy recipes for this diet...If I'm going to succeed. 

The DIET Update:  So far I've lost 2#s  which is awesome since it was fair weekend last weekend and I ate lots of fair food - LOTS.  But, its the only local fair of the year for me and I didn't go as hog-wild as I usually do.  I'm like a boa constrictor with fair food - I will eat a lot of it and it holds me for a year.

I'm getting used to subbing out a meal with a shake - not the super pricey one....the GNC Lean ones.  Here are my tricks....
  • Add 1/2 a banana (helps with texture and gets some fruit in you)
  • Add some crushed ice (helps keep it more milkshake like)
  • Add 1 tsp Hershey powder (I really like things chocolatey)
  • 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp. peanut butter and 1 tsp Hershey powder added makes a really yummy treat!
  • Use unsweetened vanilla almond or almond/coconut or coconut milk (yes it adds some fat but helps with the creaminess)
  • Vanilla is good if you plan on adding about 1 cup of fruit (use water to mix)
I finally tried the RAW Fit marley coffee flavored pouch I bought for $4.99 (ouch)  Its a vegan one so I thought it would be better since I never had luck with the whey ones before.  GAG!!!!  Its was like drinking a coffee flavored sand smoothy.  the taste was ok - it was the texture that sent me over the edge.  So....I will be sticking with the GNC Lean chocolate whey or chocolate vegan and the natural vanilla whey.  Good thing they were B1G1 last week....

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  1. I make a smoothie I love--1/2 banana, 1/4 c frozen blueberries, maybe 4 frozen strawberries, 1/4 c oj, 1/4 c Greek yogurt. I don't need ice because I have frozen fruit. The yogurt give it creaminess. The oj gives it tang. The proportions can be what you like or need.