Tuesday, September 27, 2016

prepping for work tomorrow

spent the evening trying to prep for subbing tomorrow.  I've done these classes before - one period has a wicked case of the squirmies when they have a sub - no matter how much work is left for them to do for the day.  And they are high schoolers - not little kids...I'll have to remember to hit the ladies room before they come in for the day.

I have dinner all planned to get dumped into the crockpot.  I have my wardrobe (what still fits) readyish  I hate that part.  I want to be comfy but look semi-professional but not wear heels.

My kids are ready for a quick departure in the morning - I hope - but now I feel like I have the start of a cold coming on....Praying that its allergies starting early - since the drought has caused some trees to start changing color.  Took my airborne and zicam anyway - just to be safe.

I have my laptop bag all set and ready to fly out the door with me in the morning. 

I did spend some goof off time tiday looking at pinterest at capsule wardrobes.  I could totally do that - if I chucked everything in my closet and started over with just the items on the list.  but it would make my life so easy.  Well if I hit lotto - after I buy a new car for hubby, - I'll do that. ha ha ha
I think the zicam makes me loopy


  1. When I subbed, I wore black pants and a variety of blouses, mostly red.

  2. I'm thinking that Saturday will be spent getting a nice black skirt and slacks and a few tops. And some new black flats. As much as I don't want to spend the $$. Until I drop some pounds/inches I'm going to have to hit the consignment shops and savers for a few larger basics