Saturday, September 3, 2016

I'm a little bummed out this morning.  A couple weeks ago I bought a 4 pack of Lacura ladies razors at Aldi .  They are similar in look/design to the name brand I've been using but only 2.99!  Super happy since that almost $6 cheaper than the name brand ones at target -who's up and up brand wasn't bad for a substitute razor

They only look similar....definately don't perform the same.  I'm not a hairy person  but like to shave every other day minimum.  The first razor out of the box was great for shave 1, adequate for shave 2 and terrible for shave 3....all in a week!  Nope, not gonna cut it (yes pun intended). Hoping the fresh one I used this morning is decent tomorrow/Monday and this was just an anomaly.

I hate that razors are soooo blasted expensive.  Never had luck with the dollar tree twin or triple blades either.

And I use a shaving cream with extra moisturizers since I tend to have dry skin normally.  (In the winter I use thick hand cream on my legs)

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  1. DS uses them, no complaints. If not happy, Aldi's will accept them back, you get a full refund