Wednesday, September 14, 2016

View from the podium

Called in today to sub. It's a planning period now. I like these since it gives me a minute to look over what the next class has to work on. They need to study quietly for a text next week - and I have to tell them no-devices. This was a problem last year - somehow the kids have adopted the "there's a sub so we can goof off for the day" attitude. I had a big chunk of these kids last year While subbing and they were a tough bunch - but bright - I guess getting a sub is boring.   That's ok. I'm not the one who has to take the text next week and this group will complain they didn't get enough notice of the test. 6 days is pretty generous If you ask me. All are bright just need to apply themselves for 42 minutes and read the material quietly. The only distraction is the chirping birds outside the windows and the blue sky. But if I pull the shades then the airflow will stop and they will all start sleeping - or faint from the heat

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