Monday, October 31, 2016

Pantry rotation is key!

Learned a hard lesson today.  Pantry rotation is key.  I threw away 5 sealed bars of crisco butter flavored shortening tonight.  I was going to make cookies tonight.  My recipie calls for 1 cup or shortening or butter.  After years of experimenting I have the best luck with a 50:50 blend when I make these cookies.  So I reach into the cupboard to take down a bar of crisco....unseal and unwrap & give it a sniff (habit, I check the cooking oils for rancidness every time). I almost gagged!  This went on for a total of 5 bars.  I dont cook with solid shortening so I buy the 3 packs of sticks and usually keep them in the spare fridge to extent their shelf life.  These must have not made it into the spare fridge.  2 bars had a use by date of 7/2015 so fair enough...the other 3 had a date of 9/2016.  I must have bought them last Christmas.

Luckily I was able to punt and used coconut oil and butter.  They turned out very good even if they spread a lot but I don't know that I will ever up more than the 3 stick pack.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Using restraint

today was a day shopping where I used restraint.
Quick trip to ocean state and I picked up a couple things I needed.  Almonds and hairspray and seltzer
Dollar Tree - a pack of plastic scrubbie pads and 'magic erasers'
Goodwill - 3 shirts for the kids
Aldi - apples, milk and sweet potatoes

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I'm a bad blogger

I'm horrible about keeping up with this this year.....
Last week was the cold/ear thing. Feeling much better - thanks!  I spent the last week drinking loads of warm tea and soups to flush the germs out.

This week it's end of year paperwork and medical appointments before our insurance changes January 1.

Oldest child was selected to participate in the All New England Band thingy in New Hampshire next month.  I have to get the instrument case looked at (it's the original case and one of the latches is getting temperamental). Ms Sandie - ya got any ideas where to go?  This must be cheaper than buying a new case.

I used ibotta today and earned $12.50!  Trying a new protien shake powder and it was on there - yay.

Meals have mostly been home cooked and planned overs -

Looked at the calendar and saw just how close we are to Christmas - freaked out a little.  But I have 3 presents bought so I'm feeling pretty ahead of the game. (False sense of security)

Otherwise my life has been so dull, just plugging along here...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

How is it Thursday already?

Seriously wondering where the week has gone....
How did it get to be Thursday?  It's been exceptionally busy - 
I woke up Monday feeling kinda iffy - stuffy, like I had caught hubby's mancold....
By Tuesday it wasn't mancold - it morphed into a weird ear infection feeling.....I pushed on the best I could, then called in to the urgent care associated with the hospital we've used.  Yup!  If It's an ear's the kick in the antibiotics!  No swollen glands, no Fever etc....most likely brought on by the mancold congestion.  Fluids, rest, Tylenol. Unless it ruptures....then come in for antibiotics

I grew up with ear infections and have scaring on both eardrums from them.  (Pre tubing days). Never thought I would survive an earache on just Tylenol - so far so good I guess I can't complain.

Today I started to feel more normal.  So I'm subbing tomorrow.

Yesterday I hit Aldi. Large eggs were $.77/dozen. Limit 4 dozen.  Guess the big egg shortage us really over

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rummage sale finds

A nearby town has 2 churches having rummage sales this weekend!
Nothing like a good sale on some stuff.....

24 can igloo cooler (with handle) $2
large banana shaped "armatel" like decorative dish for the coffee table $2
pair of shorts for youngest $2
bow tie for oldest $1  the kind you have to tie! 
black woven strap basket $1  thinking its going to be the new mail basket - but I will find a use no matter what. 

I feel good I helped support local churches - and didn't spend a huge amount of $$

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The growing lists.....

I'm a list junkie - I have them everywhere, sometimes I feel better if I can write it down - just so I can cross it off.  Sometimes if I don't write it down I forget important stuff.

Now I'm not sure why but the To-Do list is growing again.
Might be because it wasn't whittled down as much as I had hoped over the summer.  I tried but found that some projects needed more time than I allotted for. 

I'm almost at the point where I tell hubby - "You need to take 2 days off from other stuff and work on these items - no more trying to fit it in"

The other list that is growing is the list of shopping.  I'm doing what I can to substitute items in recipies in the meantime - but I think the next shopping trip could be a doozy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cheap or lazy or both?


It's definately fall.  I'm too cheap to turn on the heat at night yet...and too lazy to break out the comforter never mind the flannel sheets

So out came the long sleeve long legged pjs.

Since the youngest child has decided to skip using a top sheet on the bed (midnight tangles) I'm taking that flannel and sewing it to the fleece blanket to make a duvet cover for that room.  Plus to avoid overheating this kid sticks a foot out of the covers....hopefully it will keep kiddo warm and all the covers on the bed that need to be.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Not much new

Well, I didn't accomplish nearly what I had hoped to over the long weekend.  I did get a big bunch of laundry done and put always but that was about it.  The gazebo was rained on Saturday - so it didn't get put away, today I was in paperwork hell.  Maybe tomorrow?  

I'm fighting a cold I think....chills and very tired. I will not give in!!  Lots of tea is on the list for tomorrow.

Friday, October 7, 2016

My weekend plans

Looking ahead at next week - it's gonna be busy busy busy...
So thankful for a 3 day weekend.  

Tomorrow morning will find me doing the patio cleanup if it's dry.  The gazebo cover needs to come off and get stored - although I'm not sure it will go back up next year, it's getting very rickety and tattered.  I will let hubby make the decision - I enjoy the shade it gives but the screens don't close now so it's hardly mosquito proof.  New covers/screens cost nearly the same as we paid for it.  
The. We have a party in the afternoon.

Sunday is spoke for with family stuff and homework for the kids

Monday will be spent with me on the phone & internet taking care of some volunteer stuff,  doing a couple errands that can only happen then and meal planning from the freezer.  

Not sure if I will be subbing but I know I will be helping at least 1 day after school with a project.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

A shopping experience - grrr

Well, Thursday I tried a new to me consignment shop.  They opened last year.  I won't be back....why?
Poor service.  It has clothes and some nice furnishings.  One mid century sectional thought would look great in the rec room.  Reasonably priced - hated the color.....but simple clean lines I could have re done it or had it done.  Problem?  Well it's a sofa and I was going to sit on it to try it out....the sales lady/manager ask me not to, "there's the sign". And so there was....not a sold sign but a do not sit on the furniture sign - WTF?  Seriously?  How of earth would I know if it's something I want if I don't sit on it?  So I take a wander thru and look at some dresses in my size on a rack....same manager is talking to an employee like the employee was stupid.  I don't know the back story between the two - needless to say I was uncomfortable.  I went back go look at the sofa closer and same manager lady asks if I have questions and tells me it can be delivered my response?  "No thanks, I'm not buying furniture just for the looks, it has to be the right size and I want to sit on it to be sure it's comfortable". 
She looked confused.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

When a plan derails

today was one of those days....I had a good game plan in place.  Then the music teacher asked for a favor and it all went to pot.  But a dreaded task has been completed and early which is key because concert season will be here before I know it.

Just crazy!

But, it took a big enough chunk of my day I couldn't justify driving home to go back go school hLf an hour later and I hate running errands with my laptop in the car.  Once the kids and I got home and cleaned up the breakfast dishes from the sink I realized I hadn't taken anything out to thaw since I didn't come home during the trip to local IGA for sale chicken breasts.

Then when hubby got home I headed to shop right for a stock up shop.  Got some great deals on Kraft Mac-n-cheese, hot cocoa mix brownie mix $.79 each if you mix and matched at least 10. Youngest likes the Kraft (ick) I've been out if brownie mix for a month or so.  Also scot ties tissue was on sale and it's fall cold season.

Now I'm pooped and turning in!  Another busy day awaits.

Monday, October 3, 2016

errand update

I got the flats I like - paid more than I wanted to $42! 


Now I'm not sure I like them for that much money.  I'm using tomorrow to hit kohls and famous footwear to see if I find an alternative at half the price.  They had some interesting looking ones online - but I have to try on shoes - just my thing....

I really love the nude color ones I bought in the spring; but I'm really pale so finding a nude flat that doesn't look like a flesh colored crayon melted on me is tough.  Plus I didn't pay $42 for those - I think I paid around $25 which is fair.

I skipped ACMoore - too tired to deal with it.  But I took the opportunity to finish some paperwork in the pickup area at school I had been putting off - and cleaned out my purse.  So it wasn't a total waste of time - although I could have/should have cat napped - but always feel weird doing that in the car at school while waiting - What if I snore or sleep slack jawed?  The embarrassment to my teens and my loss of credibility as a sub if students saw would be too much to handle.

Its a night of dinner choices - leftovers or grilled cheese and fruit.  Trying to be really good and reign in food waste.  That's something that bugs me more than overpriced shoes but less than the overpriced cable bill - LOL


Holy cow I'm totally dragging today - I should take a cat nap rather than write - but the mind is churning away.  I was up until 1ish with oldest child - who was completing homework in the car this morning. I just can't really relax and fall asleep if the kids aren't in their beds - wonder what will happen when they start dating or go to college.   I've run several errands already and have a 2 more to run on the way back for pickup at school.  and I'm only on my 3rd cup of coffee.  OK - they are 14 oz cups but still its only cup #3.

I have one day of subbing booked in later this week too. And another evening meeting just popped up for me - there is the possibility it gets pushed to next week - Everyone please cross your fingers for me it gets pushed out to next week LOL.

One of my errands is to the outlets that I never made it to - I bought this fantastic pair of neutral flats there in the spring.  they look like Tieks but at literally 1/3rd the cost.  I know they make them in black  and navy and cognac - saw them on amazon - but for $65.  Too rich for me.  I bought them for under $30 in the spring.  Hoping not to go over that.  Another is to use a 55% off coupon at ACMoore today - if I get there great - I'm not gonna drive myself nuts though if I don't.  I need some scrapbook adhesive and its a great coupon for it.  Although I'm sure one will come along again.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ready for another week?

I can't believe the weekend is over.  We only have one thing planned for the week - an evening meeting.

It's still going to suck getting up in the morning.  Kids and hubby had a thing this weekend, they left about an hour after I got them home from school and got back at 1 today.  And God oldest had a boat load of homework that is still feint worked on now. So yeah, um tomorrow morning is going to suck.

I normally don't get pissed about homework, but this kid had to pull an all nighter toward the end of last week due to homework and playing in 2 ensembles after school.  I don't see how anything can be gained for there to be a big paper due and 2 tests on the same day.  One AP, and 2 honors classes.  Talk about fried!  Last week's all nighter was actually 3 hours of sleep but it still sucked - thankfully I drive them - not this kid who just got a license.

Tonight looks like another one.  I chewed hubby out but good for planning these excursions and getting home late because there was homework to be done.

We need to have a big ole "come to Jesus" meeting here - one where I do some butt kicking.  When the kids get stressed about schoolwork and hubby hollers no grades should be below an 80....they freak out & I get the grief from them - and then him for not staying on top if them more to get it done.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Consignment & Savers deals!

Vera wang/kohls $7.99 @ Savers

Dress barn black knit pencil style skirt $2.99 @ Savers (it's about 5#snug)
Has a little pilling on it near the waist - but for $2.99, I will use the sweater shaver on it!

Faded Glory/Walmart Basic black casual pants 2.99 @ Savers!

Talbots knit shirt dark brown & black print on cream $5 at consignment shop 

White background with eggplant and black pattern blouse $7 at consignment shop 

Another black knit pencil skirt Lane Bryant (longer than the other) $9 at consignment shop

I had success today!  Would have liked to find more tops but I may run to Kohls for a look tonight since according to Carol at CT on a Budget there is a big big sale.  
This was a long trip for 6 items and even better they are the pieces I've been looking to add as I lose some weight and am subbing again.  And cost me $36 with tax!  I'm so happy with that!