Thursday, October 6, 2016

A shopping experience - grrr

Well, Thursday I tried a new to me consignment shop.  They opened last year.  I won't be back....why?
Poor service.  It has clothes and some nice furnishings.  One mid century sectional thought would look great in the rec room.  Reasonably priced - hated the color.....but simple clean lines I could have re done it or had it done.  Problem?  Well it's a sofa and I was going to sit on it to try it out....the sales lady/manager ask me not to, "there's the sign". And so there was....not a sold sign but a do not sit on the furniture sign - WTF?  Seriously?  How of earth would I know if it's something I want if I don't sit on it?  So I take a wander thru and look at some dresses in my size on a rack....same manager is talking to an employee like the employee was stupid.  I don't know the back story between the two - needless to say I was uncomfortable.  I went back go look at the sofa closer and same manager lady asks if I have questions and tells me it can be delivered my response?  "No thanks, I'm not buying furniture just for the looks, it has to be the right size and I want to sit on it to be sure it's comfortable". 
She looked confused.


  1. I agree that the whole "do not sit on the furniture" thing is ridiculous! What is the first thing you do at a furniture store before you buy a couch/chair/mattress? You test the thing out!
    For what it's worth, the consignment store in my town has the same policy with furniture and it always struck me as idiotic. Needless to say, the only piece of furniture I ever bought from them was a side table!

    1. I understand children and hanging out and having a coffee on the sofa but come on!! Can't she see you were serious about buying and not trying to take a rest on something they were selling. She sounds like a horrible person and I hate to hear employees being treated badly in front of customers or sharing strange information in public. I keep my home life at home and expect others to do the same!! Sorry about the experience but I am sure that there are tons of other places to get your business!!