Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cheap or lazy or both?


It's definately fall.  I'm too cheap to turn on the heat at night yet...and too lazy to break out the comforter never mind the flannel sheets

So out came the long sleeve long legged pjs.

Since the youngest child has decided to skip using a top sheet on the bed (midnight tangles) I'm taking that flannel and sewing it to the fleece blanket to make a duvet cover for that room.  Plus to avoid overheating this kid sticks a foot out of the covers....hopefully it will keep kiddo warm and all the covers on the bed that need to be.


  1. I have one ds who refuses a top sheet too. I bought down comforters for all the beds, with cotton duvet covers, so when I wash his fitted sheet, I wash the duvet cover. My family are all hot sleepers, so we use 100 percent cotton sheets, down comforters, and homemade quilts to personalize rooms. Down is warm in winter, but breathes in summer. Plus, here in the PNW, 50 degrees at night is common for summer.

  2. I finally had to give in and put the comforter on the bed. The room was too cold without it. Still in lighter weight pj's.

    I haven't put the heat on yet. Trying to hold off as long as possible. I don't think we've ever gone this late in the past so now it's a challenge.