Saturday, October 1, 2016

Consignment & Savers deals!

Vera wang/kohls $7.99 @ Savers

Dress barn black knit pencil style skirt $2.99 @ Savers (it's about 5#snug)
Has a little pilling on it near the waist - but for $2.99, I will use the sweater shaver on it!

Faded Glory/Walmart Basic black casual pants 2.99 @ Savers!

Talbots knit shirt dark brown & black print on cream $5 at consignment shop 

White background with eggplant and black pattern blouse $7 at consignment shop 

Another black knit pencil skirt Lane Bryant (longer than the other) $9 at consignment shop

I had success today!  Would have liked to find more tops but I may run to Kohls for a look tonight since according to Carol at CT on a Budget there is a big big sale.  
This was a long trip for 6 items and even better they are the pieces I've been looking to add as I lose some weight and am subbing again.  And cost me $36 with tax!  I'm so happy with that!


  1. Yay! You found some nice basic pieces to build off of.

  2. thanks!
    I'm going to do my best to get these back to the consignment shop once I've dropped and kept some of the weight off. Hopefully not having chubby clothes in the closet will encourage me to really keep it off this time