Monday, October 3, 2016

errand update

I got the flats I like - paid more than I wanted to $42! 


Now I'm not sure I like them for that much money.  I'm using tomorrow to hit kohls and famous footwear to see if I find an alternative at half the price.  They had some interesting looking ones online - but I have to try on shoes - just my thing....

I really love the nude color ones I bought in the spring; but I'm really pale so finding a nude flat that doesn't look like a flesh colored crayon melted on me is tough.  Plus I didn't pay $42 for those - I think I paid around $25 which is fair.

I skipped ACMoore - too tired to deal with it.  But I took the opportunity to finish some paperwork in the pickup area at school I had been putting off - and cleaned out my purse.  So it wasn't a total waste of time - although I could have/should have cat napped - but always feel weird doing that in the car at school while waiting - What if I snore or sleep slack jawed?  The embarrassment to my teens and my loss of credibility as a sub if students saw would be too much to handle.

Its a night of dinner choices - leftovers or grilled cheese and fruit.  Trying to be really good and reign in food waste.  That's something that bugs me more than overpriced shoes but less than the overpriced cable bill - LOL

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  1. Ugh, cable/internet/phone bill is out of control here. When we can get out of the 2 year term DH says we are just having internet and hbo go and Hulu plus Amazon streaming.