Thursday, October 20, 2016

How is it Thursday already?

Seriously wondering where the week has gone....
How did it get to be Thursday?  It's been exceptionally busy - 
I woke up Monday feeling kinda iffy - stuffy, like I had caught hubby's mancold....
By Tuesday it wasn't mancold - it morphed into a weird ear infection feeling.....I pushed on the best I could, then called in to the urgent care associated with the hospital we've used.  Yup!  If It's an ear's the kick in the antibiotics!  No swollen glands, no Fever etc....most likely brought on by the mancold congestion.  Fluids, rest, Tylenol. Unless it ruptures....then come in for antibiotics

I grew up with ear infections and have scaring on both eardrums from them.  (Pre tubing days). Never thought I would survive an earache on just Tylenol - so far so good I guess I can't complain.

Today I started to feel more normal.  So I'm subbing tomorrow.

Yesterday I hit Aldi. Large eggs were $.77/dozen. Limit 4 dozen.  Guess the big egg shortage us really over


  1. Wait until it ruptures? What kind of barbaric medicine is that? Your hearing is compromised after a ruptured eardrum. Ask me how I know.

    Here is what I do. Hall's mentholyptus cough drops, hot chicken broth--store bought, hold your nose and swallow, pseudoephedrine.

    I hope you get better soon.

  2. Never heard of no antibiotics for an ear infection. My dh and his mom have had hearing loss due to perforated ear drums.

  3. Neti pot and garlic oil helps you can do garlic
    infused oil on the stove or order on amazon. They
    do not want to give antabiotics for anything these days. It is a bummer hope you feel better soon.
    PS you can try the feed store the will have pet antabiotics

  4. My dd has had ear infections since she was young and if she doesn't get an antibiotic it never clears for her.