Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I'm a bad blogger

I'm horrible about keeping up with this this year.....
Last week was the cold/ear thing. Feeling much better - thanks!  I spent the last week drinking loads of warm tea and soups to flush the germs out.

This week it's end of year paperwork and medical appointments before our insurance changes January 1.

Oldest child was selected to participate in the All New England Band thingy in New Hampshire next month.  I have to get the instrument case looked at (it's the original case and one of the latches is getting temperamental). Ms Sandie - ya got any ideas where to go?  This must be cheaper than buying a new case.

I used ibotta today and earned $12.50!  Trying a new protien shake powder and it was on there - yay.

Meals have mostly been home cooked and planned overs -

Looked at the calendar and saw just how close we are to Christmas - freaked out a little.  But I have 3 presents bought so I'm feeling pretty ahead of the game. (False sense of security)

Otherwise my life has been so dull, just plugging along here...


  1. I have been in medical hell this week as well. ugh.
    Feel better and don't freak out about Christmas. It too will pass. ;-)

  2. An instrument repair I would know who to send you to.......but a case I am not sure. Might be worth the search for a newer case as they are more shock absorbing and lighter. Glad you are feeling better. I won't tell you where I am for Christmas.