Friday, October 7, 2016

My weekend plans

Looking ahead at next week - it's gonna be busy busy busy...
So thankful for a 3 day weekend.  

Tomorrow morning will find me doing the patio cleanup if it's dry.  The gazebo cover needs to come off and get stored - although I'm not sure it will go back up next year, it's getting very rickety and tattered.  I will let hubby make the decision - I enjoy the shade it gives but the screens don't close now so it's hardly mosquito proof.  New covers/screens cost nearly the same as we paid for it.  
The. We have a party in the afternoon.

Sunday is spoke for with family stuff and homework for the kids

Monday will be spent with me on the phone & internet taking care of some volunteer stuff,  doing a couple errands that can only happen then and meal planning from the freezer.  

Not sure if I will be subbing but I know I will be helping at least 1 day after school with a project.


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