Monday, October 31, 2016

Pantry rotation is key!

Learned a hard lesson today.  Pantry rotation is key.  I threw away 5 sealed bars of crisco butter flavored shortening tonight.  I was going to make cookies tonight.  My recipie calls for 1 cup or shortening or butter.  After years of experimenting I have the best luck with a 50:50 blend when I make these cookies.  So I reach into the cupboard to take down a bar of crisco....unseal and unwrap & give it a sniff (habit, I check the cooking oils for rancidness every time). I almost gagged!  This went on for a total of 5 bars.  I dont cook with solid shortening so I buy the 3 packs of sticks and usually keep them in the spare fridge to extent their shelf life.  These must have not made it into the spare fridge.  2 bars had a use by date of 7/2015 so fair enough...the other 3 had a date of 9/2016.  I must have bought them last Christmas.

Luckily I was able to punt and used coconut oil and butter.  They turned out very good even if they spread a lot but I don't know that I will ever up more than the 3 stick pack.


  1. I keep mine in the refrigerator, thankfully. I could use half a large canister of Crisco during the holidays, but too many canister became rancid. So, I switched to the bars of Crisco.

  2. There is one store by us that sells a single bar instead of 3 sticks and it is a good deal. I hope that you can find it so that you does waste it next time. Maybe you need to make lots of cookies when you get the three pack and freeze the dough. Bet it won't go to waste then :) YUM!!!