Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ready for another week?

I can't believe the weekend is over.  We only have one thing planned for the week - an evening meeting.

It's still going to suck getting up in the morning.  Kids and hubby had a thing this weekend, they left about an hour after I got them home from school and got back at 1 today.  And God oldest had a boat load of homework that is still feint worked on now. So yeah, um tomorrow morning is going to suck.

I normally don't get pissed about homework, but this kid had to pull an all nighter toward the end of last week due to homework and playing in 2 ensembles after school.  I don't see how anything can be gained for there to be a big paper due and 2 tests on the same day.  One AP, and 2 honors classes.  Talk about fried!  Last week's all nighter was actually 3 hours of sleep but it still sucked - thankfully I drive them - not this kid who just got a license.

Tonight looks like another one.  I chewed hubby out but good for planning these excursions and getting home late because there was homework to be done.

We need to have a big ole "come to Jesus" meeting here - one where I do some butt kicking.  When the kids get stressed about schoolwork and hubby hollers no grades should be below an 80....they freak out & I get the grief from them - and then him for not staying on top if them more to get it done.

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