Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The growing lists.....

I'm a list junkie - I have them everywhere, sometimes I feel better if I can write it down - just so I can cross it off.  Sometimes if I don't write it down I forget important stuff.

Now I'm not sure why but the To-Do list is growing again.
Might be because it wasn't whittled down as much as I had hoped over the summer.  I tried but found that some projects needed more time than I allotted for. 

I'm almost at the point where I tell hubby - "You need to take 2 days off from other stuff and work on these items - no more trying to fit it in"

The other list that is growing is the list of shopping.  I'm doing what I can to substitute items in recipies in the meantime - but I think the next shopping trip could be a doozy!

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