Tuesday, October 4, 2016

When a plan derails

today was one of those days....I had a good game plan in place.  Then the music teacher asked for a favor and it all went to pot.  But a dreaded task has been completed and early which is key because concert season will be here before I know it.

Just crazy!

But, it took a big enough chunk of my day I couldn't justify driving home to go back go school hLf an hour later and I hate running errands with my laptop in the car.  Once the kids and I got home and cleaned up the breakfast dishes from the sink I realized I hadn't taken anything out to thaw since I didn't come home during the day.....fast trip to local IGA for sale chicken breasts.

Then when hubby got home I headed to shop right for a stock up shop.  Got some great deals on Kraft Mac-n-cheese, hot cocoa mix brownie mix $.79 each if you mix and matched at least 10. Youngest likes the Kraft (ick) I've been out if brownie mix for a month or so.  Also scot ties tissue was on sale and it's fall cold season.

Now I'm pooped and turning in!  Another busy day awaits.

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