Monday, October 3, 2016


Holy cow I'm totally dragging today - I should take a cat nap rather than write - but the mind is churning away.  I was up until 1ish with oldest child - who was completing homework in the car this morning. I just can't really relax and fall asleep if the kids aren't in their beds - wonder what will happen when they start dating or go to college.   I've run several errands already and have a 2 more to run on the way back for pickup at school.  and I'm only on my 3rd cup of coffee.  OK - they are 14 oz cups but still its only cup #3.

I have one day of subbing booked in later this week too. And another evening meeting just popped up for me - there is the possibility it gets pushed to next week - Everyone please cross your fingers for me it gets pushed out to next week LOL.

One of my errands is to the outlets that I never made it to - I bought this fantastic pair of neutral flats there in the spring.  they look like Tieks but at literally 1/3rd the cost.  I know they make them in black  and navy and cognac - saw them on amazon - but for $65.  Too rich for me.  I bought them for under $30 in the spring.  Hoping not to go over that.  Another is to use a 55% off coupon at ACMoore today - if I get there great - I'm not gonna drive myself nuts though if I don't.  I need some scrapbook adhesive and its a great coupon for it.  Although I'm sure one will come along again.

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