Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pressure Cooker?

I've noticed there are loads of them this year on sale....are they all they say they are?
Has anyone used one of them?

I remember my dad using one with a little wobbly valve thingy on top and one time the top blew off and navy bean soup all over the kitchen ceiling - I thought my mom would kill him.  

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tree dilemma

Warning - this is a first world problem post!

We live in the country....and there are large and small tree farms near us.
We used to go to the small ones when the kids were babies & toddlers and large ones when the kids were preschool age-early grade school age because they did the whole experience...for the past 4-5 years were back to the small hobbyist farm stage.  Only trouble is the one we go to us possibly taking the year off because of drought and limited rain means limited growth.  He mentioned it last year - but now with soooo little rain I'm afraid it will be one reality.

Here is the dilemma:

We have very little free time as a family together to go pick out the live tree and decorate it together this year (the next 3 Saturday's are all booked with winter sports that take 6 hours).   Sooo I made the suggestion that we consider the fact if we can't get a real tree from the place we like and our crazy schedules - what if we take advantage of the huge sales and buy an artificial tree this year.  

Oh Holy Cow!  One kiddo is all for it and the other and hubby are totally deadest against it!  

I admit I will miss the fragrance, but not the watering and needles that will fall off.  Oh and the 2-4 days of sneezing as my sinuses get acclimated to having it here in the house.

What would you do?

Holiday Shopping

I said I wasn't going out on Thanksgiving to shop and I didn't!
I said I wasn't going out on Black Friday super early and didn't-ish.  

Mother in law asked if we would run to homedepot for the poinsettia special for her.  Hubby said yes so off we went at 7 am!  Sooo, while we were out I told hubby that we were stopping at christmastree shop too since I wanted to get in on the coffee pods deal (200/$50 then 20%coupon so got them for 200/$40!) I'm good for the year I guess - lol!  Actually used the 20% off coupon on the whole order and picked up a few things off our lists....amaryllis plants for a couple aunties that love getting them yearly etc....

Then it was back HD to finish off one of the kiddos for Christmas!  That's 1 down.
Then kohls - where I was able to use my $10 rewards coupon and another $10 coupon and a 15% off coupon.  Was able to complete my giving tree shopping donations done under budget!!  

After a late breakfast out we stopped at Walmart for the On sale phone charger cords as stocking stuffers and home by noon.

It was an overall productive are hidden away and I was able to binge watch Lillies on Netflix.  A successful day

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pies are baked, house is clean enough and kids are on break until Monday!
Totally not going shopping tomorrow - unless it's online - after all the Turkey-fest!

I haven't been gone just quiet since I was super busy with getting stuff done for tomorrow....
I'm back on Friday!  Enjoy your Turket Day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fast dinners needed this week

the hamster wheel of life is churning away with wild abandon!
Winter is coming and I'm panicky - only 38 days to Christmas!?  How did that happen?
I'm going to have to come up with some menu plans - since this whole diet thing isn't going as planned.

Yesterday had me hitting the market on the way home, kids and I were at school late (sports). We were also craving Hamburg gravy and shepards pie but assembled on the plate with veg to the side.  Easy enough but no grocery on the way home had ground beef on sale...I paid more than I wanted to (2.5# @ $4.49/#).  Steep but cheaper than eating out for 4, the potatoes and veg were here already. I needed to get dinner on the table before hubby had to go to an evening meeting and I succeeded

Tonight was oven stuffer roaster. IGA had them$1/#.  I got one and the food pantry items for each grade for school....
Came home and it was in the oven by a baking bag.  A little penzys herbs du Provence , kosher salt and black pepper on top and a rib of celery & small onion stuffed smelled great & tasted great too served with brown rice, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans.  Carcass and broth from its cooking in the bag are simmering away in the crockpot with some carrot, celery & more water and spices.  Soup is heading to the fridge tomorrow night late.

I was pretty happy with the baking bags I bought at dollar tree...4/$1!  Not as thick as the Reynolds ones. And the directions are in English, not like the Diamond ones I used to get at ocean State Job Lot (those were in English & Arabic). I would use them again. I cooked a 7.5# bird in 1.5 hours.

Thinking that Saturday will be freezer meal prep day.  Just gotta do it!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Cheap clothes

I was driving home from north of Manchester on Sunday, so I stopped at Savers.  On the lookout for a couple newish wardrobe updates.  All I found was a men's flannel shirt from llbean. It was $6.99!  In fantastic shape too. Just the size for one of my kiddos too!  I was so excited.  Made the quick stop well worth it. 

Love getting a deal!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Scrapbooking materials Finds!!

full confession time.  I'm a scrapbooker.  I know I know.  Nobody prints photos anymore.  Yup I do!  
I'm very far behind but it's something I truly enjoy.  I've had a morritorium on buying anymore tools/supplies for this hobby for about a year.  That includes papers and stickers.  I ve been very good, only thing I've bought was some adhesive and - pack of solid papers.  Until the last 2 trips to Goodwill.....

Last Thursday I was looking for a dress for the school play for one of the cast.  Didn't find a dress but found a new still packaged Creative Memories 12x12 album with pages for $4.99!  Don't need the covers I need the pages to complete a book (but they changed dimensions a few years ago - these fit the book I'm trying like heck to finish). huge score!!!

Today I was at a different goodwill looking for another dress for another child actor (why don't their parents  do this) I found a Xyron 500 sticker making machine $3.99!  I tested it there and it works!  Sooo excited!  I've wanted one for certain things but would never buy one fill price.  I've already found the best price for refills on Amazon - perfect for the kids to get me for Christmas.

I love it when a bargain falls on me like that!