Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fast dinners needed this week

the hamster wheel of life is churning away with wild abandon!
Winter is coming and I'm panicky - only 38 days to Christmas!?  How did that happen?
I'm going to have to come up with some menu plans - since this whole diet thing isn't going as planned.

Yesterday had me hitting the market on the way home, kids and I were at school late (sports). We were also craving Hamburg gravy and shepards pie but assembled on the plate with veg to the side.  Easy enough but no grocery on the way home had ground beef on sale...I paid more than I wanted to (2.5# @ $4.49/#).  Steep but cheaper than eating out for 4, the potatoes and veg were here already. I needed to get dinner on the table before hubby had to go to an evening meeting and I succeeded

Tonight was oven stuffer roaster. IGA had them$1/#.  I got one and the food pantry items for each grade for school....
Came home and it was in the oven by a baking bag.  A little penzys herbs du Provence , kosher salt and black pepper on top and a rib of celery & small onion stuffed smelled great & tasted great too served with brown rice, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans.  Carcass and broth from its cooking in the bag are simmering away in the crockpot with some carrot, celery & more water and spices.  Soup is heading to the fridge tomorrow night late.

I was pretty happy with the baking bags I bought at dollar tree...4/$1!  Not as thick as the Reynolds ones. And the directions are in English, not like the Diamond ones I used to get at ocean State Job Lot (those were in English & Arabic). I would use them again. I cooked a 7.5# bird in 1.5 hours.

Thinking that Saturday will be freezer meal prep day.  Just gotta do it!


  1. I love baking bags. Life is sweeter with them in the kitchen.

  2. I have been standing in the store can I possibly pay this for ground beef!! But it is totally cheaper then eating out and it is what you wanted :) I cook a chicken every week but I haven't used the bags because they are so expensive. I might have to check out those cheaper ones. I really feel like life is running on a hamster wheel here too. I hope that freezer meal prepping goes well :) It always helps!!

  3. yay you are back! I have purchased the purdue roasters in a bag a few times (with super sale and $3.00 coupon) really was impressed with how it worked out.