Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Scrapbooking materials Finds!!

full confession time.  I'm a scrapbooker.  I know I know.  Nobody prints photos anymore.  Yup I do!  
I'm very far behind but it's something I truly enjoy.  I've had a morritorium on buying anymore tools/supplies for this hobby for about a year.  That includes papers and stickers.  I ve been very good, only thing I've bought was some adhesive and - pack of solid papers.  Until the last 2 trips to Goodwill.....

Last Thursday I was looking for a dress for the school play for one of the cast.  Didn't find a dress but found a new still packaged Creative Memories 12x12 album with pages for $4.99!  Don't need the covers I need the pages to complete a book (but they changed dimensions a few years ago - these fit the book I'm trying like heck to finish). huge score!!!

Today I was at a different goodwill looking for another dress for another child actor (why don't their parents  do this) I found a Xyron 500 sticker making machine $3.99!  I tested it there and it works!  Sooo excited!  I've wanted one for certain things but would never buy one fill price.  I've already found the best price for refills on Amazon - perfect for the kids to get me for Christmas.

I love it when a bargain falls on me like that!


  1. From a fellow scrapbooker, you did AH-MAZ-ING! I don't really care for the digital books at all either! I don't spend nearly enough time scrapbooking anymore and am way behind too but, there's nothing like PAPER imo! =) Very jealous of your finds!

  2. Thanks....I almost peed I was so exited!